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Solutions for Over 40 Years

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Tax Efficient Portfolio Planning, Investment Solutions,
Financial Planning and Estate and Tax Planning and
Institutional investment consulting.

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We can help you maximize the values of
your portfolios after taxes, after fees,
after-inflation, and after expenses.

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We are a Financial Services business
providing Financial planning solutions
for over 40 years.

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1. How much more would my portfolio be worth if I had avoided unnecessary taxes over the years?

2. How much more would my portfolio be worth, if we had invested the fixed income component in private debt instruments?

3. Is there anything else I can do to reduce my income taxes on my portfolio?

4. What is my risk tolerance and how much risk am I taking right now?

5. What is my current asset allocation with all the investments that I own?

6. What has been my rate of return over the years and is it competitive to the respective benchmarks?

7. What Kind of trust do I need to responsibly pass our wealth to our children?

8. Do I have the proper choices in my retirement or 401(k) plan and is it enough to allow me to retire?

9. How can I update my retirement income cash flow projections to show less taxes on retirement income?

10. At what age can I retire or do I have to work for the rest of my life?

Providing Financial
Solutions for Over 40 Years